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Hengshui Pingheng leveling instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research and development, production and sales of level bubble. It is mainly engaged in various specifications such as internal printing scale mark, universal level bubble and so on. It is widely used in surveying and mapping instruments, photoelectric instruments, measuring instruments, electronic weighing instruments and other industries. The products are sold well in China and favored by customers. Product introduction: Leveling bubble is an important work-piece in leveling survey, which is widely used, and its accuracy directly affects the results. Most of the existing universal level bubble scale marks are printed on the outside of the glass cover plate. In this way, due to the thickness of t...

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How to use level bubble

e leveling bubble is a measuring instrument to check whether the installation surface or flat plate is horizontal, and to measure the inclination direction and angle. Its shape is used for the frame base made of high-grade steel. After precision proce...



Matters needing attention in leveling measurement

When the line is long, in order to ensure the accuracy of measuring the elevation of each point of the middle stake, it is usually necessary to survey the known elevation points near the whole line, and measure a point every certain distance as the ba...



What are the common categories of level bubble?

The level bubble is an important part of the product, which can keep the horizontal and vertical balance of the product. Although the article is small, but it has a great effect, what are the common categories of the level bubble? Today, I'd like to i...

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